2 Year Warranty

Warranty Information.

All items comes with a standard 12 months warranty,
We are that confident in our design and quality control of our furniture meaning that your new furniture can be guaranteed for a total of 2 years for a charge of £50, The furniture comes as standard with 12 months warranty, You can get a extended 1 years by emailing info@theluxuryfurnitureco.com within 28 days of purchase.
Neither the 2 Year Guarantee nor the 1 Year Guarantee are provided with products sold as ‘Clearance’ or ‘Ex-display’ from our showrooms or website.

Our Guarantee means that we will repair or replace any part of a defective qualifying product due to faulty materials free of charge within the relevant guarantee period,

There are some important additional conditions and exclusions to the guarantee


What is excluded from the warranty?

The Guarantees are non-transferable and only apply to the original purchaser and must be at the original delivery address, Your warranty is void if you move the product to another address yourself.

Neither our 2 year guarantee nor our 1 year guarantee covers the following issues,

  • Damage through misuse, abuse or deliberate/wilful damage.
  • Accidental damage or damage through negligence by you or any third party
  • Product that has been assembled or stored incorrectly (e.g. damp or in direct sunlight).
  • The cracking of wood due to extreme changes in room humidity or direct heat source (such as air conditioning and radiators)
  • Normal wear and tear including staining, excessive soiling, interior settlement and flattening.
  • Dye transfer from non-colourfast plastics, fabrics and clothing (including denims and throws) damage or delamination through contact with hair and body products, or other cosmetic applications such as tanning lotions.
  • Any item where alteration or repairs have been carried out, except by us.
  • Failure to follow the terms of these guarantees. In particular, proof of purchase of the product in question is the responsibility of the customer, and needs to be provided by the customer (see How to make a Claim below)
  • Items purchased as ‘Clearance’ or ‘Ex-display’ as stated above.
  • The Luxury Furniture Company's products are intended for domestic and private use only. These guarantees only apply to transactions with consumers. These guarantees do not apply in any commercial, business or re-sale purpose, and we have no liability to you for any consequential loss, loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity. Our liability is limited to the order value at the time of purchase.


How do I make a claim on the Guarantee?

If you want to make a claim on either the 2 year or 1 year guarantee,

  • Contact our customer service team by email 

    info@theluxuryfurnitureco.com quoting your order number.

  • We may ask you to send us some photographs of the issue so we can assess the possible problem.
  • We reserve the right to send an inspector from an independent company to inspect the product and the nature of the complaint. We will abide by the decision of the inspector.
  • If your complaint is raised within the first 12 months, then we will bear the cost of any inspection if required. After this time, you can either arrange your own inspection or you may use the independent companies we use for a fee of (£80).
  • If the inspection confirms that the claim is valid then any inspection fee paid will be refunded to you.
  • Where a repair or replacement is possible then we will do so at our discretion.
  • We’ll try our best to exactly match fabrics when replacing a item
  • If repair or replacement is not possible we’ll offer you the chance to pick an equivalent product. If this is more expensive you’ll need to make up the difference. If it’s cheaper, we’ll give you a refund of the difference.
  • If we decide we cannot economically repair or replace your product then we will reimburse you up to the value of the purchase price with such reimbursement reduced to take into account the use of the product since delivery. Please note that if your product forms part of an order (for instance a mattress and bed frame) we will only reimburse you for the product that we have confirmed as having a defect within the terms of the guarantee.
  • Should we repair or replace your product under any of our guarantees, then the repaired or replaced product will not have a new guarantee in itself but will instead enjoy the benefit of the remaining term of any original guarantee.

Your rights

These warranty's are offered by The Luxury Furniture Company.

The guarantees are in addition to your statutory rights (under the Consumer Rights Act) which are not affected by these warranty's. Further advice in relation to your statutory rights is available from your local Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Luxury Furniture Company has the sole discretion to decide whether to repair or replace the product in question and/or to reimburse the customer as set out above. The Luxury Furniture Company also reserves the right to amend or withdraw either or both of these guarantees at any time although for the avoidance of doubt any guarantees that are in existence at such a time will be honoured.

You may be entitled to refer your complaint to The Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman, and we are bound to follow any decision that they make. To find out more about The Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman and how you might be able to use their dispute resolution service visit fhio.org or telephone 0333 241 3209.